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About me

My name is Krzystof Falkowski and I am a composer, arranger and conductor.

I belong to young generation of Polish composers. I have outstanding artistic achievements, as evidenced by numorous international awards, scholarships and nominations.

He collaborates with musicians, conductors, cultural institutions, publishers, directors, music and film studios.

Music Portfolio

My broad of interests result in the creation of music both classical as well as film and entertainment.

While creating pieces of music, I pay special attention to the expressive side of the composition and the logic of the form, which makes them accessible to any listener

Don’t write a song, let the song write itself.
~ Michael Jackson

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Read what others say about me.

Krzysztof Falkowski should be counted among the most promising composers of the young generation in Gdańsk.
habilitated doctor
Mariusz Mróz
conductor | choirmaster
Krzysztof Falkowski is undoubtedly one of the outstanding graduates of the composition class at the Gdansk Academy of Music.
Prof. Dr. habilitated Marek Podhajski
music theoretician |musicologist
I really appreciate meetings with Krzysztof, as they always result in creative musical surprises.

Dr. habilitated Katarzyna Myćka
marimba virtuoso
Krzysztof Falkowski's compositions are characterised by exceptional aesthetics and originality.
Jarosław Polański
Director Benefis Maturity

Highlights of artistic events

Festivals and concerts with my music.


Frequently asked questions and answers

I do not close myself to one particular style or genre of my pieces. Currently I am looking for new sounds and colours in my compositions. I compose extended oratorio works and symphonies as well as simple pop songs and small instrumental forms.

This time is made up of several factors such as, for example, the length of the piece, the composition of the performers, the level of difficulty, etc. In the case of an arrangement, however, it usually takes from a few hours to a few days. Composition, however, requires much more creative effort, so it is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Some pieces are created in a day, others are not even finished after a year…

Over the years, my musical path has been influenced by many composers, from the Viennese classics, through the Romantics, the American minimalists, the Polish composers, to the creators of film and contemporary music. If I were to name a few of the most significant names for me, they would certainly be: J. Williams, K. Penderecki, P. Vasks, W. Kilar, H.M Górecki, Ph. Glass, J. Adams and many other greats.

I am happy to conduct rehearsals and auditions, I also happen to work as a conductor, music director and music producer. I am also happy to provide consultation and tutoring in music theory and composition. I am also a percussionist and it is not uncommon to hear me as a performer.

In the “music” section I have included some recordings from concerts and material from CDs where some of my compositions and arrangements can be heard. Being a composer, I am fortunate that my works are often performed in various places around the world, from regional concerts to international festivals, sometimes even on the same day. I try to keep my facebook fanpage updated with information about upcoming concerts featuring my music. By following my social media profiles you will be timely informed about all upcoming events.

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Krzysztof Falkowski

I will be happy to answer all your questions.